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Something Old; Something New!
ImagineInk Publishing
     The name of our company, ImagineInk Publishing, was inspired by John Lennon's song, "Imagine." Imagine being able to point to a book and saying, "I wrote that." Imagine passing your life stories, poetry, family recipes, or genealogy on to future generations. Imagine finding that the process of publishing can be made simple. We at ImagineInk Publishing pride ourselves on providing authors with the best-quality products and finest personal service. We have been in business since 2002, and we understand the confusion and frustration you feel when you first get into the process of publishing your book. We can lead you through the complicated process of ISBN registration, copyrights, Library of Congress cataloging, and barcoding. In addition to helping you to get official, we can also produce your book in as few as one or as many as 5,000 copies or more. And now we can help you publish your ebook! EPub is fast and innovative, with unlimited potential. Whatever format you choose, we are dedicated to providing you quality service from concept to the marketing of your book. Imagine it, and we will help you make it come true!
Deborah Bowman, MFA, President
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Deborah Bowman, MFA, President, ImagineInk Publishing; Managing Editor, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

     We have been serving our customers for many years with the publication of novels, biographies, children's books, poetry books, geneaology books, grade school yearbooks, and our custom-designed Heirloom Cookbooks. Take a few minutes to browse through our "Get a Quote Now" section to see how our capabilities can be used for your project. We look forward to assisting you in making your dream of being a published author come true. Imagine your legacy as a book!
     In addition to our book products and publishing services, we are offering a selection of high-resolution reproductions of the owners' private collection of 19th century woodcut book plates. These beautiful reproductions can be found in our "Store Catalog" on the navigation bar. Even if you are not interested in purchasing any of the dozens of prints, we think you'll enjoy seeing them. In our "Store Catalog" you will also find offerings from some of our most recent authors publications for sale.

"The Adler"
A beautiful example of our 19th century Woodcuts. Click on the illustration to see more offerings.

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Featured Titles

Sgt. Bonner Plus 7 
Now available on Kindle through Amazon,
Sgt. Bonner Plus 7 by: M.A. Barnes U.S.M.C. Retired
Women of Vision
by: Beatrice Johns

Pictorial St. Louis 1875 by Camille N. Dry
The Great Metropolis of the Mississippi Valley

2011 Wentzville Chamber of Commerce Directory
For the 3rd consecutive year, ImagineInk Publishing has been chosen to produce the Chamber Directory

Sorella's Kitchen by Rose Lambi
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We are proud members of the following organizations:
International Society of Managing
and Technical Editors
The Wentzville Chamber of Commerce 
The Wentzville Community Historical Society
The Wentzville Downtown Business Association
The Wentzville Community Club
The Village Center Enhancement Committee
Wabash Days Committee
Chamber Foundation Committee
Wentzville Area Senior Services, Inc.

ImagineInk Publishing Company, Inc. 

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